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En partenariat avec le Migration Research Hub (pôle de recherche sur la migration) du réseau IMISCOE, cette base de données donne accès à un large éventail de spécialistes de la migration du monde entier. Les universitaires et les chercheurs membres du réseau IMISCOE contribuent, par leurs publications et leur expertise, à faire avancer l’innovation dans le champ des études sur les migrations, et apportent des connaissances sur diverses questions en lien avec le Pacte mondial sur les migrations. Des liens vers leurs travaux sont indiqués dans leurs profils. Explorez la base de données par spécialité et par lieu pour trouver un expert et consulter ses travaux les plus récents. Connectez-vous pour contacter directement un expert.

Avertissement : la mise en contact avec les experts est assurée par l’intermédiaire du MRH. La présence dans cette base de données n’implique aucun aval de la part du Réseau des Nations Unies sur les migrations ou de ses membres.

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Les contenus soumis au Pôle du Réseau sur les migrations sont dans un premier temps examinés par des spécialistes des Nations Unies et d’ailleurs. Les demandes d’inscription au fichier sont en tout temps bienvenues. Informez-vous ici sur les critères d’évaluation.

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Base de données d'experts

Résultats de la recherche
141 - 150 résultats sur 1630
  • RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research
    Senior Researcher
  • Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung gGmbH
    Visiting Researcher
  • OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
    Senior Researcher

I work as a senior researcher at the Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), Oslo Metropolitan University. I have a PhD in sociology from Queen's University, Belfast, UK. In the recent years, I have been involved in research examining migrant involvement in welfare services; I studied migrant mental health; I was involved in and researched migrant organizations; and I examined the refugee settlement strategies of the Norwegian municipalities. My research interests span migration; transnationalism; public health; studies in mental health and well-being; resilience; welfare services; family migration. Since 2019, I have been an assistant editor of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research.

  • University of Antwerp
    FWO Postdoctoral Researcher
  • University of Trento
    Post-doctoral researcher
  • CeMIS, University of Antwerp
    Post doctoral Researcher
  • The University of Sheffield
    PhD researcher

PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield funded by the National Institute of Health Research, School for Public Health Research. My research focuses on the relationship between local level ethnic density and mental health outcomes in the UK. I use structural equation modelling on data from the cohort study Understanding Society to model the pathways involved in this relationship. My research also aims to explore the potential effect of local authority social cohesion policy on the relationship between ethnic density and mental health and well-being.

  • Migration Policy Institute
    Research Director

Meghan is Director of Research for the International Program at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and for MPI Europe. She convenes MPI Europe’s Integration Futures Working Group and MPI’s Task Force on Borders and Mobility. She has co-led an MPI-ILO project on pathways to skilled work, and a project on mainstreaming integration in the EU. She holds a PhD in Political Science from University College London, with a focus on citizenship and the rights of non-citizens.

  • University Rey Juan Carlos
    Associate Professor

Rut Bermejo is associate professor in Politics at the Law and Social Sciences Faculty (Rey Juan Carlos University) in Madrid. Phd (URJC) in 2007; MA in Politics (University of Warwick) in 2004. BA in politics and sociology (UNED) in 2000; and BA in Law (UCM) in 1996. She coordinates the MA in Criminal Profiling at the URJC. She has been researcher on international terrorism at the Elcano Think Tank (2005-2008) and visiting research fellow at the University of Nottingham (2008).
Her research areas include: justice and home affairs public policies. She has published a dozen of journal articles and book chapters on these issues.

About the Migration Network Hub

What is the Migration Network Hub?

The Hub is a virtual “meeting space” where governments, stakeholders and experts can access and share migration-related information and services. It provides curated content, analysis and information on a variety of topics.

The Hub aims to support UN Member States in the implementation, follow-up and review of the Global Compact for Migration by serving as a repository of existing evidence, practices and initiatives, and facilitating access to knowledge sharing via online discussions, an expert database and demand-driven, tailor-made solutions (launching in 2021).

What content is displayed in the Hub?

The Hub aims to help you find information on migration, ranging from policy briefs and journal articles, existing portals and platforms and what they offer, to infographics and videos. The different types of resources submitted by users undergo peer review by a panel of experts from within the UN and beyond, before being approved for inclusion in the Hub. To provide guidance to users based on findings of the needs assessment, the content is ordered so that more comprehensive and global resources are shown before more specific and regional ones. Know a great resource? Please submit using the links above and your suggestion will be reviewed. Please see the draft criteria for existing practices here.

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Content submitted to the Migration Network Hub is first peer reviewed by experts in the field from both the UN and beyond. Applications are welcomed to join the roster on an ongoing basis. Learn more here.

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