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IMRF Roundtable 1 Consultation: How to enhance voluntary, safe and regular migration, and ensure access to decent work?

This discussion space is being organized as part of the preparations for the first roundtable (“Roundtable 1”) of the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) which will take place in May 2022. The discussion is moderated by ILO, UNDP and the UN Network on Migration Secretariat and runs until 31 December 2021. Roundtable 1 focuses on reviewing the following GCM objectives:

The aim of this discussion space is to gather inputs from a broad range of Member States and stakeholders in the preparations for that roundtable, and in particular the drafting of its background note, which is being prepared by ILO and UNDP on behalf of the UN Network on Migration, in support of the Member State co-chairs of the roundtable (to be announced in 2022). To contribute, please respond to the discussion questions below. Responses are welcomed in English, French or Spanish.

The background paper will address the background, objectives, and guiding questions for the Roundtable. It will be a short paper of 1,000 words and will be available prior to the IMRF. The Roundtable discussions will feed into broader discussions at the IMRF and will adopt a multistakeholder approach in line with the whole-of-society guiding principle of the GCM.

It will have at its foundations the fact that, in the Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration, States and stakeholders agreed, inter alia, that:

  • Nobody should feel compelled to leave their country of origin due to circumstances and factors beyond their control, including the negative impacts of climate change;
  • People should have access to more options of safe avenues to migrate regularly in accordance with relevant considerations;
  • Migration should take place through transparent and user-friendly procedures, with referral mechanisms for categories of migrants in situations of vulnerability;
  • The rights and dignity of all migrants, including migrant workers, regardless of migration status, should be protected at all stages of migration; they should be able to enjoy decent work and develop their skills to empower them to maximize their contributions to countries of origin and destination alike.

You are invited to respond to the discussion questions below, or pose your own questions to the moderators and other participants. For help posting please contact and


To enhance voluntary, safe and regular migration, there is need to discourage visa restriction to developing countires and a more friendly global visa process for intending migrants. This measure in no way should under rate the skill development and skill recognition of migrants. The world is a global village so as such migrants who wish to explore opporturnities outside his/her home country should be given the opporturnity and not making obtaining visa a hectic task. 

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1. What are the key priorities that should shape discussions and best highlight the issues covered by this Roundtable?

1. Selon vous, quelles sont les questions clés qui devraient orienter les discussions de la table ronde sur les sujets mentionnés dans la brève description ci-dessus?

1. ¿Cuáles son las prioridades clave que deberían orientar a las discusiones y resaltar mejor los temas cubiertos por esta Mesa Redonda? 

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2. What emerging trends, progress and innovations, related to the GCM objectives under review, do you think should be highlighted?

These could include trends or issues to highlight as positive experiences to enhance and expand, such as new and innovative tools, partnerships and means of implementation at any level, including local, national, regional and global. Please share any relevant documents, reports or data here.

2. Quelles sont les tendances émergentes, les progrès et les innovations liés aux objectifs de table ronde qui devraient être mis en évidence ? 
Il peut s'agir de tendances ou d’enjeux à souligner comme opportunités pour améliorer et développer des outils, des partenariats et des moyens de mise en œuvre innovants aux niveaux local, national, régional et global.

2. ¿Qué tendencias emergentes, avances e innovaciones cree Usted que deberían destacarse con respecto a los objetivos que están siendo revisados? 

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3. What emerging and priority challenges related to the objectives would you like to see the Roundtable address?

3. Quels sont les enjeux émergents et primordiaux liés aux objectifs que vous aimeriez voir aborder lors de la table ronde ?

3. ¿Qué desafíos emergentes y prioritarios relacionados con los objetivos le gustaría que abordara la Mesa Redonda?

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4. What actions by Governments, stakeholders and/or other actors are helping to achieve the GCM objectives under review?

What more can be done to achieve the objectives going forward? These could be at all levels and by all actors.

4. Selon vous, quelles actions menées par les gouvernements et autres acteurs contribuent à atteindre les objectifs indiqués dans la brève introduction?
Que peut-on faire de plus pour atteindre les objectifs à l'avenir ? Cela inclus des actions menées à tout niveau et par tout acteur. 

4. En su opinión, ¿qué acción de los gobiernos y/u otros actores está ayudando a lograr los objetivos indicados en la breve introducción?
¿Qué más se puede hacer para lograr los objetivos en el futuro? Estas acciones pueden venir de todos los niveles y de todos los actores.

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