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Post-International Migration Review Forum Debrief for Azerbaijan

Post-International Migration Review Forum Debrief for Azerbaijan

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Location: Baku Azerbaijan

On 30 June 2022, the debriefing session of post- International Migration Review Forum was held for representatives of the government agencies, UN, Civil society organizations, experts, and other stakeholders in Baku. The session was intended for the participants to share their feedback on their experience at, and in preparation for, the IMRF 2022.

In the opening remarks Ms. Vladanka Andreeva , UN Resident Coordinator in Azerbaijan emphasized the active participation of the Azerbaijani delegation in the work of the International Migration Review Forum and noted that this was the result of fruitful cooperation between the State Migration Service and IOM Azerbaijan, as well as the personal contribution of the heads of these organizations.

In his speech, the Chief of IOM Mission to Azerbaijan Mr Vladimir Gjorgjiev noted that it is crucial that participants’ feedback is thoroughly taken into consideration to ensure future IMRFs fulfil their potential and, crucially, continue promoting the powerful benefits of the GCM at the local, national, regional and international level. He highly appreciated the role of the Azerbaijani government and state organizations in the field of migration, migration policy, as well as their contribution to the implementation of the GCM. In his opinion, Azerbaijan is a leader in the region in terms of activity in the field of migration. Mr Gjorgjiev also outlined the areas in which IOM is collaborating with government agencies including the Regional Training Center on Migration, digitalization of remittances flow, data collection and data analysis, further engagement of diaspora and private sector to contribute to diversification of the state economy, which are consonant with action points of the Progress Declaration of the IMRF 2022.
Speaking at the session Mr Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the State Migration Service, stressed that the IMRF was a successful event aimed at assessing implementation of the GCM and discussing its future prospects. Noting that the Republic of Azerbaijan participated in the Forum as one of the 33 "Champion Country", the head of the Service said that all the discussions held in this framework provided a good opportunity to determine the next steps in this direction. He expressed hope that ideas and suggestions raised in this meeting will contribute to the process of the successful implementation of the Global Compact in Azerbaijan.

Chairman of the Public Council under SMS Mr Azer Allahveranov in his speech shared his reflection on engagement through IMRF process (e it during preparation phase and accreditation) and emphasized the role of Civil Society may play in reaching goals of Progress Declaration. He reiterated the insights from partners that IMRF is beginning and steps in future should be set concretely and followed.

At the end, the participants agreed to adjust the draft work Plan of UNNM Azerbaijan in reference to the action points defined in the Progress Declaration.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).