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Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries

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Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries

Achievements set by initiatives implemented under the Budapest Process translated into an EU funded project that aims at maximising the development potential of migration and mobility within the Silk Routes region and towards major labour receiving countries. The Budapest Process dialogue’s activities are structured around the Implementation of the Call for Action, 41 actions across 6 priority goals. The dialogue is planning to hold intergovernmental meetings on engaging with the diaspora to ensure more efficient remittances transfers as well as a mapping of diaspora stakeholders  for the Silk Routes countries.

In addition, the short-term technical assistance instrument of the project provided expert assistance for the development of migration and diaspora related policies in Afghanistan (National Comprehensive Migration Policy), Pakistan (National Emigration and Welfare Policy for Overseas Pakistanis) and Iraq (Policy on Engagement with Iraqis Abroad). All three policies has received support of relevant national institutions and awaits endorsement.

The project also operationalise 7 Migrant Resource Centres in 5 countries. In addition to its regular function of conducting awareness raising and community education, it also supports diaspora and migrants on various issues through counseling, outreach, case referrals and redress of grievances. An online training platform for potential, current and returning migrants covering the pre-migration, pre-departure and post-arrival phases of migration is also developed. Integrated into these training platforms are modules on the role and contribution of diaspora and migrant groups as support networks for migrants, as well as contingency plans for diaspora and migrant workers affected by calamities and emergencies in destination countries.

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*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).