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Pledging initiative – Submission form

Member States and other stakeholders are invited to use this form to prepare and announce pledges they wish to submit to support the implementation of the GCM. The pledges will be recorded, visible and tracked in the dedicated section of the IMRF and UN Network on Migration Websites. They will be compiled and presented in the lead-up to and during the IMRF.

Please note that:

  • Each pledge should be recorded in a different copy of this template;
  • Joint pledges (i.e. Common Pledges and Pledges in Partnership) should be recorded by only one of the pledging state or actor;
  • Matching pledges should indicate the details of the pledge they refer to.

For more information about the Pledging initiative, click here.

Section I

Personal details of the contact person:

Section II

Section II a

If this is a common pledge or a pledge in partnership, please list the detail(s) of the other participating state(s) and/or actor(s)
Participating States and Actors

Section II b

If this is a matching pledge, please indicate the title and ID number of the pledge you are matching

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

Maximum: 3000 chrs/approx. 300 words

Section VII