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The Coordinator

The Network Coordinator is IOM. The Director General of IOM or his/her designee serves in this capacity. The Network Coordinator has primary responsibility for:

  • Fostering collaboration and consensus among Network members in all aspects of its functioning and work, and ensuring effective collaboration with existing coordination mechanisms and stakeholders;
  • Working with Network members to identify priorities and opportunities for action by the Network, focusing on the added value of coordinated work;
  • Convening and ensuring the smooth functioning of the Network, including the capacity building mechanism;
  • Facilitating regular interaction between the Principals of the Executive Committee.
  • Briefing the UN system, Member States and other stakeholders on the activities of the Network;
  • Proactively identifying funding opportunities for Network operations, with the support of the Executive Committee;
  • Maintaining an effective Secretariat in support of the Network.

Key Correpondence

Briefing to Member States, Geneva 4 March 2020

Palais des Nations, Conference Room XII, 3rd floor, Building A Excellencies, distinguished guests, colleagues, It is a pleasure to meet again with you today. I have the honour to be joined by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Madame Bachelet, the Deputy Director General of ILO, Mr. Oumarou, and Assistant High Commissioner for Protection at...

Briefing to Member States, Geneva 12 December 2019

Palais des Nations, Geneva, It is a great pleasure to meet with you today, at the end of a long, busy – and productive – year. I propose to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with the activities of the United Nations Network on Migration in this, its first year of existence. This will include an overview of where we are in terms of...