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    The Hub is a virtual “meeting space” for governments, stakeholders and experts to access and share migration-related information and services. Its key features promote interactive knowledge sharing and learning in support of strengthened GCM implementation. The content of the Hub encapsulates the progress and achievements of GCM implementation. All content is reviewed by experts to ensure its relevance to the aims and principles of the GCM.

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    Visit the Knowledge Platform to find documents, links and videos related to each of the 23 GCM Objectives and 10 Guiding Principles.

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    The Hub is a gateway to key links, portals and platforms providing information on each of the GCM objectives, submitted by users and reviewed by the Hub's expert peer group.



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  • Migration Data for the GCM

    The Global Migration Data Portal serves as a unique access point to timely, comprehensive migration statistics and reliable information about migration data globally, organized by GCM objective.





  • El Portal de Información sobre Migración,, es una plataforma que ofrece información centralizada sobre los requisitos migratorios y vías para migrar por distintos motivos hacia otro país. Asimismo, ofrece información y contactos de las instituciones vinculadas al proceso migratorio y a la asistencia a las personas migrantes, así...

  • UNDP five pillar approach to engage migrants in the development of their native communities back home aims to connect emigrants with their native localities by meaningfully engaging them in all stages of local development, hence transforming emigration from a challenge for a local community into an opportunity, and by integrating diaspora...