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The Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MMPTF)



Launched in 2019, the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (the Fund) was called for by Member States to support the implementation of the GCM. A critical feature of this unique pooled funding instrument in the field of migration is its 360-degree approach, with no GCM objective privileged over others or region favoured over another.

The Fund is the vehicle to bring the Compact to life and implement joint action. The joint programmes are the product of collaborative work by members of the United Nations Network on Migration working with national partners – in government, with local authorities and alongside stakeholders. As such they are testament to the commitment of the United Nations system to work better together, fully aligned with overall reforms of the United Nations Development System.



has been mobilized,
representing 40% of the target (70M)

joint programme concept notes
have been submitted by
over 80 countries and regions

12 joint proprammes implemented,
34 will be implemented when
resources are available

Where We Work

Top Donors (Funding Status as of the end of 2021)