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Post IMRF Debrief for the National Stakeholders of Turkmenistan

Post IMRF Debrief for the National Stakeholders of Turkmenistan

Date: , -
Location: Ashgabat


This debriefing session was intended for Member States’ and other stakeholders’ representatives to share their feedback on their experience at, and in preparation for, the IMRF 2022 – including on the GCM Capacity Building Mechanisms, the support received by the UN Network on Migration, UN Country Teams and/or UN Country Networks on Migration, and IOM. This is an essential part of our commitment to ensure we continue building momentum and capitalize on our good practices and lessons learnt following the 2022 IMRF. It is crucial that participants’ feedback is thoroughly taken into consideration to ensure future IMRFs fulfil their potential and, crucially, continue promoting the powerful benefits of the GCM at the local, national, regional and international level.  

The meeting was also an opportunity to brainstorm on ideas and suggestions on “breathing life” into the progress declaration through concrete actions that accelerate the implementation of the Global Compact, in line with a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach, while supporting Agenda 2030 CN attached.


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