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MIgration EU eXpertise Initiative (MIEUX+)

MIgration EU eXpertise Initiative (MIEUX+)

MIEUX (MIgration EU eXpertise) Initiative is since April 2020, MIEUX+, and supports regional organisations, national ministries, local authorities, parliamentary bodies, judicial actors, and civil society organisations in improving the governance and management of migration and mobility.

As an EU Facility for knowledge exchange between the European Union and institutions in Africa, Asia, European Eastern and Southern Neighbourhoods and Latin America and the Caribbean, MIEUX+ can receive requests to work on any topic related to migration, sourcing the knowledge required from European Public Administrations, the academic and the private sector. Launching operations in 2009, the facility owes its success to three essential features: working on a demand-driven basis, reacting quickly to requests, and fostering peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge.

To date, close to 100 countries across the world have benefited from capacity building activities delivered by 400+ migration experts, nationals from EU 27 Member States and the United Kingdom, but also from African, Latin American and the Caribbean and Asian states. 

Project Date
Type of Project
Lead implementing organization/s
International Centre for migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Partnerships - DG INTPA
Geographic Scope
Workstream Output
Regional Review Process
Cross Cutting Theme
International and Regional Cooperation

*Todas las referencias a Kosovo deben entenderse en el contexto de la Resolución 1244 [1999] del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas.