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Immigration Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Asia-Pacific Region

Immigration Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Asia-Pacific Region

At a glance

This report summarizes the results of a mapping that was done on the use of immigration detention and alternatives to immigration detention (ATD) in 19 countries across the five sub-regions in Asia-Pacific. It examines related laws, policies, and practices.

What it offers

The report provides an overview of the trends across countries in the Asia-Pacific region in relation to the use of immigration detention, including the legal and policy frameworks that enable or restrict the use of detention. The report focused on:

  • Identifying laws, policies and practices surrounding the use of ATD, while highlighting a number of promising practices
  • Examining child-sensitive and gender-responsive ATD practices in the region, with key gaps identified.  
  • Highlighting changes in laws, policies, and practices, and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of which show that it is possible to reduce and end the use of immigration detention and expand ATD.


Further information

The report was developed by IDC in collaboration with the Regional UN Network on Migration in Asia Pacific and the Alternatives to Immigration Detention Working Group.


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Alternatives to immigration detention 
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