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Leave no one behind: addressing the needs of migrants towards Universal Health Coverage


Leave no one behind: addressing the needs of migrants towards Universal Health Coverage

The UN Network workstream “Preparing for future health emergencies by mainstreaming public health considerations into migration policies and services, at national and local levels”, which was established to support the realization of the IMRF Progress Declaration’s commitments, is convening this GCM talk. This aims to convene a specific dialogue with relevant stakeholders to inform the negotiations of the political declaration of the UHC on the issues that concern the health of migrants, building on the outcomes of the multistakeholder hearing. After the event, the UN network will disseminate a report with the main messages to be shared widely.  

The objectives of the event are to:  

• Discuss how better protect the health of migrants and showcase the significant contribution that investing in UHC, with a primary healthcare approach, makes in reducing poverty and promoting equity and social cohesion;  

• Debate on recent examples of action taken by States, regional and local governments to break down the institutional, administrative, and financial barriers that limit access to or entirely exclude migrants from accessing health services;

• Share ways to strengthen a UN system-wide and multi-stakeholder approach to fulfilling GCM’s objectives and the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.  

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Type of Event
Main organizer/s
UN Network on Migration
Target Audience
Geographic Scope
Workstream Output
Regional Review Process
GCM Objectives
16 - Inclusion and social cohesion
22 - Social protection
Cross Cutting Theme
Whole-of-government approach

*Toutes les références au Kosovo doivent être comprises dans le contexte de la résolution 1244 (1999) du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies.