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Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID) Summit 2021

Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID) Summit 2021

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Recognized by the United Nations General Assembly, the GFRID is one of the key platforms aimed at building and strengthening partnerships towards innovative solutions for cheaper, faster and safer transfer of remittances, as well as diaspora impact investment mechanisms, with all relevant stakeholders. 

The 2021 virtual Summit will focus on the role of remittances to strengthen market recovery amidst the current global pandemic, and to improve the resilience of migrant workers and the communities where they live. In particular, the Summit will seek to share and analyze practical strategies and mechanisms related to digital and financial inclusion of migrants and their families.

The Summit will see the observance of the UN-adopted International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR), in recognition of the tireless abnegation of almost 200 million migrant workers who send money home for the wellbeing of their families in communities of origin, and who have demonstrated unprecedented resilience in these times of crisis.

*Toutes les références au Kosovo doivent être comprises dans le contexte de la résolution 1244 (1999) du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies.