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Report of the Third Online Peer Learning Exchange

Report of the Third Online Peer Learning Exchange

Following on from the first global online peer learning exchange on 17 November 2020, and the second global online peer learning exchange on 29 June 2021, this online workshop – held under the Chatham House Rule – brought together government peers and other key stakeholders from all regions to continue the exchange of knowledge and experience, and the work of building Communities of Practice on alternatives to detention (ATD).


The theme of this third peer learning exchange was “Highlighting Alternatives to Detention in the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF)”. It took place just over 100 days before the first IMRF, and focused on building on the momentum towards implementation of Objective 13 of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM). The IMRF provides an important opportunity to showcase and consolidate what has been achieved in the Progress Declaration and to take further steps forward, particularly through the pledging initiative that encourages concrete and measurable commitments to support implementation of the GCM and accelerate progress.

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Alternatives to immigration detention 
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