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The role of data to protect migrants’ rights

The role of data to protect migrants’ rights

The Migrant Rights Database is a groundbreaking global data source that provides an empirical account of laws protecting the human rights of all migrants and their cross-national implementation. It's the first of its kind to benchmark the extent to which states fulfill their international obligations to protect the rights of all migrants in national law as well as how they implement them. The database – which has been developed with the financial support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs’ Peace and Human Rights Division –, looks at 36 country cases accounting for nearly 70% of the world's current migrant population to date, and will be expanded to include more country cases in the coming years.

The launch event will include a keynote presentation of the Migrant Rights Database and a panel discussion of experts who will react to the data, connecting it with their work and efforts to protect the rights of all migrants. The discussion will cover various important topics, including the utility of the data in global governance, policy-making, advocacy, and academic research.

Join us to learn more about the Migrant Rights Initiative’s work and benefit from the valuable perspectives of the distinguished panelists. For registration use this link on the Graduate Institute’s website.


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*Todas las referencias a Kosovo deben entenderse en el contexto de la Resolución 1244 [1999] del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas.