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I Know Gender Module 16: Gender Equality and Migration

I Know Gender Module 16: Gender Equality and Migration

Gender Equality and Migration is a brand-new online training module, developed by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UN Women. This module helps learners understand how gender shapes every stage of the migrant journey, and why gender equality matters in migration.


Gender Equality and Migration becomes the 16th module of the UN Women's landmark I Know Gender e-learning course. It is a unique chance to step into the shoes of migrants and see things from their perspective. Through this module, participants will learn about international migration trends from a gender perspective, how to conduct a gender analysis and how to start mainstreaming gender equality into their everyday work at every stage of the migration cycle.

Fecha de publicación
Tipo de material
Training / Workshop Material
Civil Society
Intergovernmental Organization
Private Sector
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
UN Women
Ámbito geográfico
Grupo de trabajo
Proceso de revisión regional
Objetivos del Pacto Mundial para la Migración
Tema transversal
Sustainable development
Human rights
SDG.4 - Quality Education
SDG.5 - Gender Equality
SDG.8 - Decent Work And Economic Growth
SDG.10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG.16 - Peace, Justice And Strong Institutions
SDG.17 - Partnerships For The Goals
Indicadores de los ODS
Indicator 10.7.2
Indicator 10.c.1
Indicator 16.2.2
Indicator 17.18.1
Indicator 17.18.2
Indicator 17.18.3
Indicator 4.b.1
Indicator 5.5.2
Indicator 8.5.1
Indicator 8.5.2
Indicator 8.7.1
Indicator 8.8.1
Indicator 8.8.2
Metas de los ODS
Target 10.7
Target 10.c
Target 16.2
Target 17.18
Target 4.b
Target 8.5
Target 8.7
Palabras clave
Disability-responsive policies
Human rights
Internal migration
Labour migration
LGBTQ migration
Migrant rights
Return migration
Trafficking in persons

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