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Promising Practices In The Provision Of Essential Services To Migrants

Promising Practices In The Provision Of Essential Services To Migrants

The Thematic Working Group 6 on Access to Services of the United Nations Network on Migration has produced a new document on promising practices in the provision of essential services to migrants. 

The document provides practical examples on how migrants are included in the provision of services in the field of health, housing, education, vocational training, and basic public services such as water and sanitation. A dedicated section of the report also includes examples of multi-sector migrant services in the context of the pandemic of COVID-19. The case studies are contributions from national and local governments, partner agencies and other stakeholders. They focus on government policies, national or local legislation, international agreements, and programs or interventions with particular emphasis on local and grass-roots level.

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*Todas las referencias a Kosovo deben entenderse en el contexto de la Resolución 1244 [1999] del Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas.