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Democracy Reporting International

Democracy Reporting International

Democracy Reporting International’s programmes focus on strengthening democratic institutions through analysis, recommendations and advocacy.

Since it was founded in 2006, Democracy Reporting International has been widening its geographic scope with a continuing focus on countries whose democratic frameworks have often received little international attention. Democracy Reporting International strongly engages in the Middle East and Southern Mediterranean, while conducting an extensive democracy support programme in Pakistan. Beyond that, Democracy Reporting International engages on electoral issues in countries worldwide.

The existing framework of international law does not prescribe any one system of democracy. Yet there are minimum standards that oblige states to respect a number of requirements. Here Democracy Reporting International keeps track of the implementation of international obligations by individual states, as well as researching democratic standards in international law.

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Democracy Reporting International
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Produit d’un groupe de travail
Processus d’examen régional
Objectifs Pacte mondial pour la migration
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Rule of law and due process
Human rights

*Toutes les références au Kosovo doivent être comprises dans le contexte de la résolution 1244 (1999) du Conseil de sécurité des Nations Unies.