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Tyre and Zürich: Improving Local Services for Migrants, Refugees, and the Local Population through City-to-City Cooperation

The City of Tyre commits to partner with the City of Zürich to improve services for migrants, refugees and locals in Tyre.

This partnership aims to increase municipal staffing and expertise, conduct technical knowledge and best practices exchanges, while jointly implementing inclusive projects for Tyre’s inhabitants, including Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

Building on earlier successful projects, Tyre is now designing two projects as part of the partnership. First, a “park and ride” service with a parking lot and bus shuttle system to provide refugees, migrant workers, and local communities with cheap and reliable public transportation to access the city’s facilities and commuting zones, while contributing to the city’s green transition.

Second, a new digital hub and co-working space will seek to break down employment barriers for refugees, while helping to address Lebanon’s economic challenges. The hub will provide skilled youth, including refugees and marginalized groups, with access to digital opportunities, while the co-working space will enhance social interaction and networking between investors and job seekers.

These projects aim will foster social cohesion, economic inclusion, and a more sustainable and accessible urban environment for all residents of Tyre.

The City of Zürich and Tyre have submitted this partnership as a joint pledge.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).