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Global Listening Sessions: Lessons Learned on Supporting Returnees’ Reintegration in Rural Areas

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Network on Migration together with the Samuel Hall Institute are convening two global listening sessions to create an open platform for exchange on examples and experiences with return and reintegration programming in rural areas, sharing trends, challenges, good practices, lessons learned and ongoing collaborations between stakeholders. The sessions will consider both international and domestic returning migrants in rural areas, along the voluntary and forced return spectrum.

Participants and speakers will include farmworker and agricultural associations, migrants, civil society, migrant and diaspora organizations, faith-based organizations, local authorities and communities, the private sector, trade unions, parliamentarians, national human rights institutions, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, academia, the media and development partners.

These events will take place on Tuesday, 6 July, with live interpretation (French, English, Spanish, Russian) to allow stakeholders from around the world to join. It is hoped that by having two events at different times in the day, participants from different time zones will be able to attend. One session will take place at 09:00 CET and provide interpretation in French and Russian. A second session will take place at 16:00 CET and provide Spanish interpretation.

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