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From pledges to practices: ‘Actioning’ and sustaining gender-responsiveness before, during and beyond migration crises

This side event, co-sponsored by the governments of Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, and the Philippines, in partnership with the Women in Migration Network and the Gender + Migration Hub, brings together stakeholders around the goal of building capacity for the operationalization and implementation of the guiding principle of gender-responsiveness in times of stability and crisis.

Panelists, including representatives from civil society, international agencies, and governments, will share their examples of gender-responsive practices, resources for capacity building, and ideas for pledges, including announcing their commitments, as appropriate.

Participants, in the room and online, will be encouraged to share ideas for pledges and concrete actions towards the further implementation of a gender-responsive approach to migration beyond the IMRF. Particular areas of focus addressed in this side event include: 1) building capacities towards the gender-responsive implementation of the GCM; 2) sharing pledges, tools, practices and strategies towards ensuring gender equality outcomes of pandemic recovery; and, 3) responding to the gendered drivers and outcomes of migration in relation to crises and disturbances (e.g. pandemic, political instability, conflict, etc.).

This event directly supports the United Nations Network on Migration pledging initiative by offering a platform to share and highlight ideas and pledges related to gender-responsiveness, which can help inspire others to develop their own pledges.





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International Migration Research Centre/Gender+Migration Hub and Government of Canada
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*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).