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Why Integration Matters Event: Tackling the Socio-Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Migrants and their Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic continues. However, signs of hope for exiting the public health crisis are emerging as vaccines roll out, albeit unequally, across the world. As countries reopen economies and societies, they must include migrants as agents and beneficiaries of recovery in countries of origin, transit and destination. To this end, the United Nations Network on Migration organizes a Migration Dialogue around the launch of the report ‘Tackling the Socio-Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Migrants and their Communities: Why Integration Matters’.

The report shows the beneficial role that migrants have played during the pandemic, while displaying the disproportionate impact that the global health emergency has had on their well-being. The report presents initiatives that could prevent similarly detrimental consequences in future crises, emphasizing the importance of immigrants’ integration and returnees’ reintegration. It also provides guidance for governments to harness the benefits of human mobility and drive socio-economic recovery from the pandemic.

The interactive webinar will bring together representatives from Member States, the UN system and other relevant stakeholders, especially from the civil society and the private sector, to share good practices, but also discuss challenges and identify priorities for implementation of more inclusive migration and integration policies and programmes.

The event will be convened virtually, with interpretation available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Register here to join the event.


The report is accessible here.


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*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).