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Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund Announces Funding of Five New Initiatives, Reaching Twenty Within Three Years of Launch

Geneva -  In just over three years, with the launch of five new programmes, the MigrationMulti-Partner Trust Fund (Migration MPTF) is now financing twenty operations covering all regions, aimed at supporting the pursuit of safe, orderly and regular migration. 

With USD 42 million already disbursed, the Fund is a visible demonstration of the commitment to international cooperation that underpins the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. An additional 31 programmes have been identified as priorities ready to be launched when financing becomes available (see pipeline). 

The newly authorised programmes seek to advance evidence-based migration governance, foster inclusive development, and enhance resilience in communities impacted by climate change. These programmes, chosen by the Migration MPTF’s Steering Committee, will be implemented in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, the Republic of Moldova, and Serbia.

Overview of the five new Joint Programmes

  • Serbia (IOM, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF): Promoting evidence-based migration governance for maximizing the development potential of migration;
  • India (FAO, IOM): Enhancing the resilience to climate change of migrant and vulnerable households in the coastal areas of Odisha State and drought-prone areas of Telangana State;
  • Ethiopia (ILO, UN Habitat, WHO): Provision of essential services, protection, and economic empowerment to support the inclusion and integration of migrant street children and youths in Addis Ababa;
  • Republic of Moldova (IOM, UNDP, UNICEF, WHO): Leveraging the positive impact of migration on Moldova's development through improved policy evidence and better-engaged diaspora;
  • Brazil (IOM, WHO): Strengthening capacities of border municipalities in the Brazilian Amazon to face the challenges of migration, climate change, and health. 

These programmes join an already diverse portfolio of activities financed by the Fund, addressing issues such as inclusion and integration of migrants, resilience to climate change, policy evidence and engagement of diaspora. The impact is already being seen as the first generation of programmes come to an end, as illustrated with the establishment of a Migrant and Refugee Route for the Municipality of Santiago and a Resource Center for Migrants and Refugees in Mexico City or with the development of a Migration Data Governance Strategy for the Government of the Philippines.

The Fund, mandated by the General Assembly, is the only multi-partner financing tool available to address the full range of migration priorities and challenges. With an inclusive governance structure, a diverse donor base, and a stated commitment to strengthening human rights protection and integrating gender sensitivity and the best interests of children, the Fund has repeatedly demonstrated its innovation and commitment to supporting the effective implementation of the GCM.

To date, the Fund has received proposals from 99 countries and regions across the globe. As the donor base of the Fund continues to expand, resources allocated to support Joint Programmes are also increasing, now exceeding USD42 million. Furthermore, 31 additional Joint Programmes have been pre-selected by the Steering Committee and are in the Migration MPTF pipeline, awaiting additional funding.

For more information about the Joint Programmes, click here or contact Florence Kim at the UN Network on Migration secretariat: Phone/WhatsApp/Signal: +41 79 748 0395 - Email:

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).