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ANVITA’s Annual “Guide for A Welcoming France”: Providing Advocacy Tools and Policy Guidance for Local Governments

ANVITA commits to publish an annual guide entitled "For a Welcoming France: Inspiring Territorial Practices" to highlight inspirational practices of local and regional governments that unconditionally welcome migrants and refugees. In addition to offering a clear and up to date overview of welcoming practices throughout France, the guide has three specific objectives:

1. It provides an advocacy tool for local governments to showcase their critical role in achieving national and international goals (such as Agenda 2030). It is directed both towards the French Government and to the international community at large.

2. It showcases the commitment of local governments to unconditionally welcome migrants and refugees in their localities and offers a pragmatic vision on what this can look like in practice. These practices also aim to de-bunk existing myths about migrants and refugees and helps balance dominant narratives about migration.

3. It provides guidance and assistance when it comes to developing local public policies and provides support to elected officials on how to put vision into practice. For example, by showcasing examples of policy planning and peer-to-peer exchange.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).