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Legazpi City: Expanded Help Desk for Overseas Filipino Workers

Legazpi City commits to provide services to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their families through a Municipal Help Desk and to expand the Help Desk services in 2023 to support pre-migration orientation seminars and improved access to health care.

The Municipal OFW Help Desk:

Engages with civil society and the Filipino diaspora to monitor the needs of OFWs and to map stakeholders.

Compiles information on government services and informs prospective OFWs on the processes and risks of overseas employment.

Conducts trainings for the families of OFWs, as well as provides training materials to prevent human trafficking.

Started originally in 2015, the Legazpi City has already reached over 4,037 OFWs. The work of the Municipal OFW Help Desk has also forged cooperation with national governments to protect the welfare of Filipinos living abroad.

The city now commits to further expand its activities with:

Pre-Migration Orientation Seminars before departure.

Work with Legazpi City Hospital to ensure that medical services are available for OFWs.

Develop a Community-Based Monitoring System to improve the effectiveness of the Help Desk.

Advocate at national level, and specifically with the National Department of Migrant Workers to support with the organization of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars in Legazpi City

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