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Strengthening Maipú’s Governance Capacity to Promote Social Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees

Maipú Municipality commits to strengthen its local capacity to govern migration and forced displacement in a way that promotes social inclusion and peaceful coexistence between migrant and refugee families and other members of the community.

Maipú Municipality will build its capacity by participating in the MigraCiudades Argentina project, developed and implemented by the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in coordination with the National Direction of Migration.. This includes assessing existing local governance structures, providing training for government officials, and designing action plans and monitoring systems to facilitate the successful socio-economic inclusion of migrants and refugees.

In this context, Maipú is institutionalizing a local Immigration Office. This Office consolidates all relevant information for migrants and refugees in one place, including access to rights, services and job opportunities, this way institutionalizing all reception, integration and protection services in a ‘one-stop shop’. The Office will also identify key areas for collaborations with other departments within the municipal government, hereby promoting cross-cutting interventions that encourage social inclusion and coexistence between migrant families and other members of the community. The centre is also actively engaged in the design and implementation of migratory policies and seeks to foster partnerships with organizations experienced in migratory matters.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).