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Brazil: Strengthening Capacities of Border Municipalities in the Brazilian Amazon to Face the Challenges of Migration, Climate Change and Health

The Brazilian Amazon experiences significant human mobility, including cross-border movements in its over 10 official border posts. In the past decades, the region received Haitians, Colombians, Venezuelans and Cubans, who often enter the country through the Amazon and move on to states in the South and Southeast. International borders in the Brazilian Amazon are home to over 20 recognized indigenous lands. While indigenous peoples have traditional systems for sustainable forest management, they are faced with new challenges posed by climate change, as rainfall and drought cycles are disrupted. These hazards impact a variety of health outcomes including food security, mental health, and others. 
The Joint Programme aims to strengthen the capacities of eight border municipalities in the Brazilian Amazon to address challenges posed by migration, climate change, and health. This will be achieved via three components: 1) strengthen coherence between the migration, environment, and health policies; 2) strengthen the capacity of the national public healthcare system to face challenges related to climate change and international migration; and 3) strengthen community resilience in border municipalities, including cross-border indigenous lands. 
The Joint Programme will employ a “One Health” approach, an integrated approach to balancing and optimising human, animal, and ecosystem health sustainably. It will contribute to a full understanding of co-benefits, risks, trade-offs and opportunities to advance health solutions that are equitable and holistic, consequently addressing a variety of adverse drivers of international migration. 

Project Date
Type of Project
Lead implementing organization/s
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
World Health Organization (WHO)
Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund
Geographic Scope
Sub Regions
South America
Workstream Output
Regional Review Process
SDG.1 - No Poverty
SDG.3 - Good Health And Well-Being
SDG.10 - Reduced Inequalities

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