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Promoting Health and Well-Being amongst Migrants Transiting through Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved health and wellbeing amongst migrants transiting through Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya. In order to achieve this, five specific outcomes have been identified: (1) Stranded migrants receive medical assistance, treatment and/or medication; (2) Stranded migrants are aware of available health care (including psychosocial support) and health issues of concern; (3) National authorities respond better to the health needs in migrant-dense areas; (4) Governmental and non-governmental health structures deliver quality, “migrant-friendly” and “psychosocially aware” health care services; (5) Extreme vulnerable cases, including victims of trafficking (VoTs), women migrants, single mothers and unaccompanied migrant children (UMCs), receive assistance from civil society. The Project started on 11 May 2015 and ended on 11 November 2017. The follow-up intervention supports national and local actors in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen with health and protection mechanisms dedicated to vulnerable migrants.