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Read4Succeed is an international cooperation project developed by a consortium of 8 partners including universities, schools, non-profit associations and Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) teams from 5 European countries (Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Czechia). It aims to help schools become more inclusive, i.e. to develop strategies to welcome all children in their communities and to have appropriate responses for different multicultural and multilingual contexts. The project aims to assess the use of Animal Assisted Education to improve the reading skills of migrant, refugee and disadvantaged neighbourhood children between the ages of 7 and 10, who can already express themselves in the host country's language but have reading difficulties identified by their teachers. It is hoped that the project can show that holistic approaches, which combine formal and informal educational approaches, can be useful when solutions need to be found to complex situations, such as those experienced by children from the target groups. The project is funded by Erasmus Plus.