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The National Remittances Stakeholders Networks

To support and address the difficult realities that remittance families are currently facing in Africa, IFAD launched National Remittances Stakeholders Networks (NRSNs) in a number of countries. Currently set up in The Gambia, Ghana and Senegal, and upcoming in Kenya, Morocco and Uganda, the NRSNs gather representatives of all key national remittance actors: regulators, government, Remittance Service Providers (RSPs) as well as the donors’ community and implementing partners. In each country, members of the NRSNs meet regularly to share updated information concerning the challenges facing by remittance families in the social and economic fallout, and to develop a coordinated and concerted effort to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on remittances at national level. The findings will enable specific concerted initiatives to be supported by the EU funded PRIME Africa programme, implemented by IFAD in support of the remittance ecosystem in Africa.