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Syrian Migration to Europe, 2011-21: Data Inventory

This inventory includes metadata on various quantitative and qualitative sources of information on Syrian migration to Europe in 2011-21 that can be used for the purposes of modelling migration. The judgement-based quality ratings provided are specific to the modelling requirements, as detailed in the background paper. Methodological details are explained in Chapter 4 of the book: Bijak J et al. (2021) Towards Bayesian Model-Based Demography. Agency, Complexity and Uncertainty in Migration Studies. Methodos series, vol. 17. Cham: Springer (Open Access). The inventory will be updated once new sources become available and assessed for various aspects of their quality.

How to cite: Nurse S and Bijak J (2021) Syrian Migration to Europe, 2011-21: Data Inventory. Online resource, available at (current version as of 10.12.2021).