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UN Network on Migration

Contents using this term
Talking Points: 7 things to know and voice about the Migration Network HubResource
Outcome document: GCM Talk: Migration and Adaptation in the Context of Climate ChangeResource
Promoviendo el vínculo entre los ODS y el Pacto Mundial para la MigraciónPractice Repository
GCM Talk on Universal Health CoverageResource
GCM Talk on remittances and SDGsResource
Concept Note for the GCM Talks (Updated June 2023)Resource
Report of Day 2, Regional Network launch event: “Promoting Alternatives to Immigration Detention in the Asia Pacific Region"Resource
Immigration Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Asia-Pacific RegionResource
Regional Meeting on Promoting Alternatives to Immigration Detention in the Asia Pacific RegionVideo
Empowering and leveraging cities’ capacities towards a self-reliance and inclusive city migration governance Resource
Report of the Third Online Peer Learning ExchangeResource
Updated ProgrammeResource
IMRF Plenary- ProgrammeResource
Integrating Migration into Common Country Analyses and Cooperation Frameworks: Training for UN Country TeamsResource
Implementing the Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration: Guidance for governments and all relevant stakeholdersResource
Mapping: Gaps and Positive Practices for Safe and Dignified Return and Sustainable ReintegrationResource
Checklist: For safe and dignfied return and sustainable reintegrationResource
Ending child immigration detention - SnapshotResource
Anti-Discrimination and COVID-19 Advocacy ToolResource
Policy brief for the Inclusion of All Migrants in Bahrain’s COVID-19 Vaccination ProgrammePractice Repository

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).