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Core Working Group 2.1 Stronger UN System for GCM Implementation

Core Working Group (CWG) 2.1 is charged with developing guidance and tools to support the UN system with GCM implementation. CWG 2.1 benefits from the active engagement of diverse membership, which includes participants representing the UN system, national human rights institutions, civil society organisations, local and regional authorities, private sector, academia, and migrant organisations. For more information about CWG 2.1, including its workplan, membership, and engagement with Network activities, please see the below documents.

Under co-leadership of IOM and UNDP, the working group is committed to upholding the principles of the UN Network on Migration (Network) to carry out the activities outlined in its workplan (see here for CWG 2.1 detailed workplan).

Key among CWG 2.1’s deliverables is the provision of guidance for UN County Teams (UNCTs) on how to integrate migration into Common Country Analyses (CCAs) and Cooperation Frameworks (CFs). An advanced draft of the training has now been developed. (see below)

Initially conceived as a 2-day in person training, the content and methodology for the training have been converted for online/remote facilitation to meet the current working modalities and public health measures implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The advanced draft of the training package includes: a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, accompanying PowerPoint presentations, training activities and handouts.

The draft training will undergo a piloting process, beginning in November 2020, to solicit feedback to inform final revisions to the training material. The piloting process will be conducted in accordance with the Network’s Champion countries initiative, through which the working group will engage with UNCTs and other relevant stakeholders in select Champion countries to pilot the training. Comprehensive feedback gathered through the piloting process will be used to strengthen and revise the training, with the aim to develop finalised material for broad dissemination by the end of the 1st Quarter 2021. The finalized material will be hosted on the Network’s Knowledge Platform and Connection Hub.


Training Package - Presentations

Training Package - Activities and Handouts

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