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Step 1:

A mapping of relevant stakeholders has been conducted.Additional notes
Meaningful engagement, participation and partnership with identified stakeholders has been ensured.Additional notes
There is an institutional set-up with the government for GCM implementation.Additional notes
Relevant awareness-raising activities for government actors, other stakeholders and the public are in place.Additional notes


Inclusive, Multi-level and multi-stakeholder consultations have taken place for GCM planning and priority setting.Additional notes
Efforts have been made to align actions with the GCM’s vision and guiding principles.Additional notes
Other processes relevant to GCM implementation (e.g., the 2030 Agenda, human rights, national sectoral plans/policies and cross-governmental strategies such as health, education, child protection, etc.) have been identified.Additional notes
There is strong collaboration with bodies responsible for implementing other relevant processes, as well as with relevant sectors (e.g., health, education, child protection, social welfare, labour and justice).Additional notes
GCM priorities (if/when identified) have been validated and communicated with all relevant governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.Additional notes


A list of potential data sources and actors has been prepared, as part of a migration data mapping process.Additional notes
The structures and mechanisms (institutions, strategies, legislation and policy frameworks) related to GCM priorities (if/when identified) have been reviewed.Additional notes
Consultations have been conducted with diverse range of stakeholders to brainstorm about GCM interventions, in particular regarding target beneficiaries, implementing partners, resources needed for implementation and existing technical capacity.Additional notes
Programmatic and policy interventions for GCM implementation have been defined.Additional notes
Indicators to measure GCM implementation have been identified, building on existing indicators when possible.Additional notes


An action plan for GCM implementation has been developed in consultation with all relevant ministries and stakeholders.Additional notes
The necessary steps have been taken to budget for GCM implementation.Additional notes
A resource mobilization plan has been developed in coordination with relevant stakeholders and potential implementing partners.Additional notes
A GCM implementation plan is being implemented in a manner that cultivates a culture of learning to encourage improved migration governance at all levels of government.Additional notes


Transparent, timely and accessible reporting mechanisms have been established at the national and local levels.Additional notes
Available sources of migration data have been identified, along with the actors leading on data collection.Additional notes
Local stakeholders and implementing partners are engaging with the actor(s) responsible for data collection at the national level.Additional notes
Existing data systems and processes have been adapted to ensure appropriate data collection.Additional notes
Data protection and right to privacy have been respected at every stage of collecting and utilizing data.Additional notes
Steps have been taken to disaggregate data by variables such as nationality, migration status, age, sex, gender identity.Additional notes
Necessary data capacity building activities have been identified and are being pursued.Additional notes


A stock taking exercise has been conducted to understand the existing mechanisms for tracking progress on other international agreements (e.g. VNRs, UPR and treaty body reporting) which GCM-related reporting processes can feed into.Additional notes
There is active collaboration and engagement with the Network, Regional Economic Commissions and all other relevant stakeholders to co-create, facilitate and participate in regional reviews.Additional notes
A national report on GCM implementation has been drafted and presented, in line with the UN Network on Migration’s suggested guidance.Additional notes
There is a plan for strong engagement in GCM Review forums, including Regional Reviews and the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF), building on lessons learned and experience in past Review forums.Additional notes

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).