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Assistance and promotion of vulnerable migrants along the entire northern Mediterranean coast of Morocco

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2020 - Present

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The aim of the initiative is to identify and enhance the capacity of vulnerable migrants in Morocco and Africa as a continent. This includes migrants of all backgrounds, particularly refugees, women, and children. The initiative involves establishing temporary housing structures to provide accommodation for migrants in vulnerable situations who have no place to stay. This housing assistance also encompasses other humanitarian support, such as food and medical aid for vulnerable migrants. The resources implemented facilitate the organization's efforts to locate missing or unidentified migrants who are often in precarious circumstances. A concrete example of this is the actions taken by the organization following the tragedy on June 24th in Nador Morocco, where they assisted in searching for missing migrants and provided urgent medical care to migrants who were injured during the incident. Similarly, the initiative has allowed the organization to engage in advocacy related to the arbitrary arrests of migrants without due trial in countries such as Tunisia and Libya. These migrants are often displaced into the Sahara Desert in inhumane conditions and left to endure the adverse conditions of the region. Our organization seeks to bring to the attention of governmental authorities and other stakeholders the gross violations of the rights of these migrants.


Main Implementing Organization(s)

Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc - CCSM

Detailed Information


Partner/Donor Organizations

European Union
La Fondation euro-méditerranéenne de soutien aux défenseur-e-s des droits de l'Homme - FEMDH

Benefit and Impact

The protection of migrants and their integration into the host community has consistently posed a significant challenge for many migrants in Morocco, especially those from sub-Saharan Africa. In alignment with the various objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, our organization has, through this initiative, ensured that a substantial number of migrants can integrate more seamlessly into Moroccan society. We have worked to protect the rights of these migrants and ensure that they have access to basic services as fundamental rights.
The impact of this initiative is clearly visible in the lives of migrants who were at risk of finding themselves in vulnerable situations, including human trafficking and sexual abuse, among others. One specific indicator of our success is the positive feedback we have received from the beneficiaries of the initiative. While the project has reached its planned completion, we aspire to continue our work with the support of funding from other partners and to share our extensive experience in the field of protecting and promoting the welfare of vulnerable migrants in Morocco. Furthermore, as a result of our advocacy in collaboration with other organizations after the June 24th tragedy in Nador, attention was drawn to the inaction of the authorities in identifying many of these migrants.

Key Lessons

One of the major challenges we encountered was the overwhelming number of demands, which far exceeded the available resources. Therefore, we had to prioritize and address only the most urgent requests. Furthermore, the initiative highlights the growing need for awareness and education on safe, orderly, and regular migration, as many migrants are unaware of the migration laws and policies of states. This lack of awareness makes them more vulnerable to becoming victims of human traffickers and sexual exploitation."

Recommendations(if the practice is to be replicated)

It is essential to comprehend the migration context of the state in order to effectively address challenges related to locating missing persons or the general protection of migrants. Additionally, it is crucial to collaborate with other organizations already operating within the state. This synergy is indispensable for achieving the overarching objective of safe, orderly, and regular migration.


One of the highlights of our innovative practice, considering the migration context in Morocco, is the training of migrants to become information disseminators in their respective communities. For a long period, migrants in Morocco have sadly been viewed as individuals on the receiving end in various ways. However, our organization seeks to change this narrative by conducting seminars aimed at equipping migrants with the necessary tools, both legal and social, to effectively communicate about their rights and their integration into Moroccan society. We consider this an improvement over traditional means of sensitization.




Date submitted:

29 August 2023

Disclaimer: The content of this practice reflects the views of the implementers and does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, the United Nations Network on Migration, and its members.



*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).