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Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

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Developing partnerships in the IGAD regionPractice Repository25 May 2022
2021 International Donors’ Conference in Solidarity with Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants (Canada)Practice Repository02 Apr 2022
Fortalecimiento de capacidades del gobierno local en Santiago (Chile) para potenciar la integración socioeconómica de los migrantes y refugiadosPractice Repository01 Apr 2022
Inclusive Cities, Solidarity Communities Practice Repository31 Mar 2022
UNHCR-IDC Vulnerability Screening Tool - Identifying and addressing vulnerability: a tool for asylum and migration systemsResource14 Dec 2020
Inter-Agency Guiding Principles on Unaccompanied and Separated Children Resource14 Dec 2020
Safe & Sound: what States can do to ensure respect for the best interests of unaccompanied and separated children in EuropeResource18 Dec 2020
R4V Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from VenezuelaResource21 Dec 2020
Refugee Protection and Mixed Migration: The 10-Point Plan in Action 2016 UpdateResource12 Dec 2020
Guidelines on the Applicable Criteria and Standards relating to the Detention of Asylum-Seekers and Alternatives to DetentionResource11 Dec 2020
The way forward to strengthened policies and practices for unaccompanied and separated children in EuropeResource10 Sep 2021
Promoting refugee and migrant entrepreneurship in East Africa, the Andean region, and the Middle EastProjects14 Jul 2021
The Warao in Brazil - contributions from anthropology to the protection of indigenous refugees and migrantsResource25 Jun 2021
Forced Displacement and Educational Outcomes: Evidence, Innovations, and Policy IndicationsResource11 Jun 2021
Evidence-based migration policy planning and discourse in North MacedoniaProjects29 Mar 2021
Capacity building of local governments in Santiago (Chile) and Mexico City to strengthen the socioeconomic integration of migrants and refugees through access to decent work, sustainable livelihoods, and social dialogueProjects29 Mar 2021
United Nations Pilot Project for Strengthening Migrant Integration and Social Cohesion through Stakeholders’ Engagement, Socio-Economic Activities and Countering Anti-Migrant Narratives in South AfricaProjects29 Mar 2021
General legal considerations: search-and-rescue operations involving refugees and migrants at seaResource22 Dec 2020
Rescue at sea: A guide to principles and practice as applied to migrants and refugeesResource22 Dec 2020
Protection-Sensitive Entry Systems (Chapter 3)Resource20 Dec 2020