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GCM Talks - Concept NoteResource18 Mar 2023
Migration Governance Indicators Data and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: A Baseline ReportResource19 May 2022
Facilitating safe and regular migration pathways in a changing climate: lessons from GCM implementationEvents17 May 2022
Assessing the Evidence: Country Profiles on Migration, Environment and Climate ChangePractice Repository02 Apr 2022
Budapest ProcessPractice Repository01 Apr 2022
Guidelines on Coordination and Information-Exchange Mechanisms for the Search for Missing MigrantsResource25 Jan 2022
Summary- Mapping Progress - Implementation of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)Resource05 Nov 2021
Vanuatu - GCM Voluntary National Report (Regional Review: Asia and the Pacific)Resource03 Sep 2021
Tonga - GCM Voluntary National Report (Regional Review: Asia and the Pacific)Resource19 May 2021
Cooperation on specific migration corridors and on a regional basis in the areas of remittance policy, legislation and research – African Caribbean and Pacific Countries and the EUResource17 Dec 2020
Policy Guide on Identifying Victims of TraffickingResource16 Dec 2020
Pacific Response To Disaster Displacement (PRDD)Projects14 Dec 2020
Global Skills Partnerships Pilots in Australia-Pacific and EuropeProjects14 Dec 2020
UNODC Voluntary Reporting System on Migrant Smuggling and Related Conduct (VRS-MSRC)Resource12 Dec 2020
Women’s Labour Migration from Asia and the Pacific: Opportunities and ChallengesResource11 Dec 2020
Project on Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Evidence for Policy (MECLEP) Projects11 Dec 2020
Draft Guidance on registration and criteria for stakeholder engagement with the Global Compact for Migration regional review meetings and their preparatory processesResource18 Nov 2020

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).