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Migration Dialogues

To support Member States and other relevant stakeholders in preparing for the Forum, the United Nations Network on Migration (Network) will host the Migration Dialogues series (January – April 2022) on the Migration Network Hub. These events will offer an open and inclusive space where Member States and all other relevant stakeholders can discuss approaches towards achieving effective, principled migration governance for the benefit of all. These deliberations are designed to assist Member States and other relevant stakeholders to prepare for the Forum’s roundtables and policy debate. They will also provide input for the background notes for each of the roundtables and for the policy debate.

The Migration Dialogues will be comprised of two types of online discussions:

  • webinars on the clusters of GCM objectives that will be covered under each of the four roundtables of the Forum, and
  • webinars on gaps and emerging challenges relevant to the implementation of the GCM.

By offering a space for discussion of all 23 objectives of the Global Compact, these Dialogues will support the 360-degree approach enshrined in the GCM. In addition, they will help to identify gaps in implementation and emerging challenges.


Dialogue on Promoting inclusive societies and ensuring the inclusion of migrants in COVID-19 response and recovery - 27 April

Dialogue in preparation for the IMRF Policy Debate - 19 April

Dialogue "Youth innovations in migration: Generating positive impacts for migrants and communities" – 13 April

Dialogue "Missing Migrants, Missing Solutions?"- 9 March

Dialogue "Whole of Society Apporach: Government-Civil Society Partnerships on Alternatives to Immigration Detention (ATD)"

Roundtable 1 Consultation


Roundtable 2 Consultation

Roundtable 3 Consultation

Roundtable 4 Consultation

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).