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Prospects for the social integration of migrants in Argentina considering Social protection programs and public employment programs in the post-pandemic recovery framework

This article compiles and analyzes some current social protection programs and certain public employment programs, including those that have been implemented in response to COVID-19. This compilation also distinguishes those programs that refer to social security, conditional cash transfer programs, social assistance programs and training, promotion and protection of employment. In this sense, the focus is made on characterizing and describing the main guidelines of some strategic policies, indicating the specific access conditions for migrants, including requirements in terms of legal residence.

Additionally, in the conclusions a series of recommendations are made in line with the objectives proposed by the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, in order to alleviate the situation of vulnerability in which part of the migrant population finds itself as a consequence of the socioeconomic implications of the pandemic, in addition to the structural inequalities that already affected this population. These recommendations are aimed at promoting a better integration of migrants in the country from an intersectional, intercultural, gender and human rights perspective within the framework of the post-pandemic recovery.