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Contents using this term
Center for the Local Integration of Migrants Pledge31 Jul 2022
Nutrition Reception Center for Migrant and Refugee Children and MothersPledge31 Jul 2022
Advisor for migratory affairs of the mayor's officePledge31 Jul 2022
Ayuda a la vivienda para familias migrantes y desplazadasPledge22 Jul 2022
Leadership and collaboration with other States and stakeholders, for the global promotion, development and facilitation of spaces for exchange and peer learning on alternatives to immigration detention and ending immigration detention of children and adolPledge14 May 2022
Interconnection of the Public Employment Services of the Quito Process CountriesPractice Repository04 Apr 2022
Regional Scheme for Skills Certification in Latin America and the Caribbean.Practice Repository04 Apr 2022
Sustainable Colombian Opportunities for Peace and Employment (SCOPE) (Canada)Practice Repository02 Apr 2022
Intervention by the First Lady of Colombia, Maria Juliana RuizVideo02 Mar 2022
Financial contribution to the International Organization for Migration (IOM)Pledge25 Jan 2022
Implementation and socialization of the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelan Migrants (ETPV in Spanish) and Law 2136 of 2021 for the regulation and orientation of the Comprehensive Migration Policy (PIM) of the Colombian State, as regulatory and lePledge25 Jan 2022
Technical cooperation and exchange of best practices in public policy, relations with donors, and management of migratory crisesPledge25 Jan 2022
EUROFRONTProjects12 Dec 2020
4Mi snapshot: Humanitarian assistance for Venezuelan refugees and migrants during the pandemic: what has changed over time?Resource29 Jun 2021
Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD)Projects15 Sep 2021
Network TORs- ColombiaResource27 Aug 2021
Empowering The South American Diaspora As Agents For Sustainable DevelopmentProjects10 Aug 2021
Colombia - Cuestionario voluntario (Revisión Regional: América Latina y el Caribe)Resource18 May 2021