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ODDyssey Project: Migration makes the world go round!


"ODDyssée, migration makes the world go round" is an educational project on citizenship and international solidarity (ECSI), which aims to strengthen the skills of educational actors, associations and local elected representatives in terms of animation and awareness-raising on the link between migratory flows and sustainable development issues through training sessions and workshops. Moreover, through two financial support mechanisms (the "J'M Prize" and the "OSIM Helping Hand"), it aims to support ECSI initiatives carried out by youth actors and/or those with a migration background. Finally, the territorial, multi-scalar and multi-actor approach of this project aims at a change in terms of public actions around "living together", "social cohesion" and local and international "solidarities". The objective of the ODDyssée project is to encourage citizens' openness to the world and to the "Other" and their appropriation of global development issues by promoting the positive contributions of migration "here" and "there". ODDyssée is built on 4 main axes Raising awareness among educational actors and young people through actions articulating 'ODD (SDGs) and Migration' to enable them to carry out actions of Education for Citizenship and International Solidarity (ECSI). To accompany local elected officials around the issues of 'Migration and Development' in several pilot territories in order to promote local and international solidarity initiatives. To create links between young people, educational actors, associations, local elected officials and researchers in order to better integrate them into existing initiatives that aim to promote an informed and reasoned discourse on migration. To capitalize and disseminate the tools, resources and productions of the ODDyssée project on the platform "".

Young people are sensitised and trained on migration issues and educational and social actors carry out ECSI actions around the SDGs. A framework for reflection and action on migration is put in place for local elected officials and local authority staff to work on the interdependencies between local and international solidarity initiatives (SDGs). The actors involved in the project - including young people and elected representatives - are valued, their networking is encouraged and the capitalised actions are widely disseminated.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).