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Reducing Climate Vulnerability of Displaced Persons in the Praia Nova Area

The Beira City Council transformed the 20 de August fish market in the Praia Nova area of Beira – once a key economic asset now badly damaged by multiple coastal storms – into a temporary shelter for families of Praia Nova who have lost or had their homes damaged by extreme climate events. At the same time, the City Council will relocate 100 families of Praia Nova to a safer area of the city, providing these families with land ownership and livelihood support to help their reintegration into Beira. This project will lead the way for the broader voluntary and dignified relocation of all Praia Nova families to safer locations in Beira and is in line with Beira’s proposed project for the MMC's Global Cities Fund for Migrants and Refugees.

Beira City Council’s project will have three main impacts:

1. Families of Praia Nova have reduced exposure to climate-related risks, addressing a key driver of migration.

2. 100 families of Praia Nova have safe and permanent shelter and access to sustainable livelihood opportunities.

3. The Beira City Council benefits from increased preparedness and resilience in the face of climate shocks.

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).