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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Contents using this term
Migrant Electoral GuidePractice Repository
Moldova: Leveraging the Positive Impact of Migration on Moldova’s Development Through Improved Policy Evidence and Better Engaged Diaspora.Projects
Serbia: Promoting Evidence-Based Migration Governance for Maximizing Development Potential of MigrationProjects
Human Development Report 2021/2022Resource
UNDP Five Pillar Approach to Engage Diasporas in Local DevelopmentPractice Repository
Creación de Organizaciones Sociales Vecinales de población migrante como elemento integrador y fomento del desarrollo socioeconómico localPractice Repository
Warrior Entrepreneur: Contributing to the integration and social cohesion of the refugee and migrant population in PeruPractice Repository
Heart of Amman Programme/Digi Maharat: Creating sustainable income generating opportunities for vulnerable populationsPractice Repository
Youth Innovation Challenge for Human MobilityPractice Repository
Toolkit for Integrating Migration into Environment and Climate Change InterventionsResource
Engaging diasporas in local development: An operational guide based on the experience of MoldovaResource
Strengthening border management, social cohesion, and cross-border security in the Parrot's Beak areaProjects
United Nations Pilot Project for Strengthening Migrant Integration and Social Cohesion through Stakeholders’ Engagement, Socio-Economic Activities and Countering Anti-Migrant Narratives in South AfricaProjects
Scaling Fences: Voices of Irregular African Migrants to EuropeVideo
Youth Employment and Skills DevelopmentProjects
UNDP: Migration and Local Development (Phase II)Projects
Promoting Development Approaches to Migration and Displacement - UNDP's Four Specific Focus AreasResource
White Paper on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning Resource
Guidelines on Mainstreaming Migration into Local Development Planning Resource
Human Mobility, Shared Opportunities: New UNDP ReportVideo

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).