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Brazil: Strengthening Capacities of Border Municipalities in the Brazilian Amazon to Face the Challenges of Migration, Climate Change and HealthProjects05 Jul 2023
Implement and monitor the Municipal Plan of Policies for the Immigrant Population 2021-2024Pledge05 May 2023
Derechos Políticos de personas migrantes: experiencia del Consejo Municipal de Migrantes en el municipio de San Pablo Practice Repository08 Nov 2022
MigraCidades platformPractice Repository11 Feb 2022
Guia de Orientación en Derechos HumanosResource15 Dec 2020
EUROFRONTProjects12 Dec 2020
Empowering The South American Diaspora As Agents For Sustainable DevelopmentProjects10 Aug 2021
The Warao in Brazil - contributions from anthropology to the protection of indigenous refugees and migrantsResource25 Jun 2021
Durable solutions for indigenous migrants and refugees in the context of the Venezuelan flow in BrazilResource25 Jun 2021
Monitoramento da Estrategia de Interiorizacao do Governo FederalResource25 Jun 2021
Monitoramento do Retorno de Refugiados e Migrantes VenezuelanosResource25 Jun 2021
Monitoramento do Fluxo de Venezuelanos em PacaraimaResource25 Jun 2021
Promoting a more sustainable reintegration for returnees in Brazil: lessons from the SURE project Events15 Jun 2021
Guia Prático de Atendimento aos Migrantes, Refugiados, Vítimas de Tráfico de Pessoas e Brasileiros Retornados em Situação de Vulnerabilidade e em Áreas de FronteiraResource15 Dec 2020
Dr. Onaygles Carolina: Real-Life Hero from BrazilVideo13 Dec 2020

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).