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Contents using this term
Regional Migrant Response Plan (MRP) for the Horn of Africa and YemenPractice Repository
Transhumance Tracking Tool (TTT)Practice Repository
Breaking the Climate Conflict Cycle in Galmudug, SomaliaPractice Repository
Resettlement and resilient livelihoods for Daami IDPs in Hargeisa CityPledge
Monitoring and Learning System: supporting evidence-based and adaptive programming in the Horn of Africa and Sahel and Lake Chad regionsPractice Repository
MIGNEX – Aligning Migration Management and the Migration–Development NexusProjects
Better Migration Management (BMM) ProgrammeProjects
Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) Projects
Strengthening the Capacities of IGAD and its Member States to Support Regional Migration Policies in the Horn of Africa (SIMPI)Projects
Comparative Eastern Corridor Route Analysis: Obok, Djibouti and Bosasso, PuntlandResource
Addressing Drivers and Facilitating Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in the Contexts of Disasters and Climate Change in the IGAD RegionProjects
Mentoring Returnees: Study on Reintegration Outcomes Through a Comparative LensResource
Background Note on Gender Equality, Nationality Laws and Statelessness 2020Resource
Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD Region: Improving Opportunities For Regular Labour MobilityProjects
Advancing strategic planning in MogadishuProjects
Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D)Projects
UN Habitat Somalia - The Heliwa Housing Scheme Video

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).