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Contents using this term
The Future of Migration to Europe: A systematic review of the literature on migration scenarios and forecastsResource27 Jul 2020
QuantMigProjects20 Sep 2023
Outcome document: GCM Talk: Migration and Adaptation in the Context of Climate ChangeResource18 Sep 2023
Declaration for the Dignified Treatment of all Missing and Deceased Persons and their Families as a Consequence of Migrant Journeys Practice Repository15 Aug 2023
Immediate support and emergency recovery for unaccompanied foreign and separated children (UASC) in the territory of AlbaniaPractice Repository14 Aug 2023
Moldova: Leveraging the Positive Impact of Migration on Moldova’s Development Through Improved Policy Evidence and Better Engaged Diaspora.Projects05 Jul 2023
Serbia: Promoting Evidence-Based Migration Governance for Maximizing Development Potential of MigrationProjects05 Jul 2023
GCM Talks - Concept NoteResource18 Mar 2023
World Bank Innovation Challenge on Jobs & MigrationEvents08 Nov 2022
Vienna Migration Conference 2022Events06 Oct 2022
2-day regional course on “International Migration Law" Events23 Sep 2022
Youth Work For AllPractice Repository21 Jul 2022
Webinar: Europe’s response to refugees from UkraineEvents13 Jun 2022
Migration Governance Indicators Data and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration: A Baseline ReportResource19 May 2022
From pledges to practices: ‘Actioning’ and sustaining gender-responsiveness before, during and beyond migration crisesEvents18 May 2022
Facilitating safe and regular migration pathways in a changing climate: lessons from GCM implementationEvents17 May 2022
The Power of Community- based ProgrammesEvents14 May 2022
Upholding the human rights guiding principle in the Global Compact for MigrationEvents14 May 2022
The role of National Human Rights Institutions in the GCM implementation with a view in Human Rights, gender and childhoodEvents14 May 2022
Working to end child immigration detention through peer learningEvents14 May 2022

*References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999).